NewsGuard,tool of propaganda

“NewsGuard’s rating of news outlets generally labels mainstream Western media as trustworthy, while outlets linked with governments opposed by the US are branded deceitful”. If we take a look at NewsGuard’s advisors, who are notorious propagandists for US and NATO’s endless wars, we can say without making a mistake this self proclaimed desinformation watshdog is in no position to judge Russian, Chinese, iranian and North Korean media accused of propaganda.This false distinction between western media whose mission is only to “inform” and “enlighten” the public and the media of the “others” relies on this also false idea that in the so called western democracy, there is no propaganda, there is only objective and pluralist news as opposed to what is falsly called authoritarian regimes and dictatoship where there are neither objective news nor pluralist information because there, the mass media of communication are simply controlled by government or party. Let us take one example the BBC controlled by the British government, which served as propaganda tool to manipulate the English public, making believe that Saddam Hussein had a nuclear plan and using weapon of mass destruction. Private and public mainstream media in the West resorted to the techniques and methodes implemented by Josef Goebbels during the WWII, the psychological warfare aimed at manipulating the western masses and to legitimize US and NATO’s wars of aggression against Iraq in 1991, yugoslavia in 1999, Afghanistan in 2001, invasion of Iraq in 2003, destruction of Libya in 2011, invasion of Syria disrupted by Russia intervention along the legitimate syrian government. In France, the mainstream media are controlled by 9 billionnaires including two arms manufacturers, Dassault and Lagardère. thanks to those media of billionnaires, Macron who was obscure trader working for Rothchild bank, became president. Last but not least, Julian Assange who exposed US crimes in Iraq is currently waiting for his extradition to the United States where he will be sentenced to 175 years of prison.