Hypocrites ball as Polish ambassador to Canada calls for prosecution of former waffen SS

This is what we call hypocrites ball. as Polish ‘s ambassador to Canada is calling Ottawa, instead of honoring veteran former waffen in the Parliament in the presence of Zelinski, Zelinska and PM Trudeau, for prosecution of Yaruslav Hunka for crimes and genocide committed againt polish military and civilisans during the WWII while his country is fully supporting Kiev regime and his cronies, Banderites and myriad of neo nazi groups celebrating their hero Stepen Bandera whose statue was set up in almost 52 places inside Ukraine. Rota, Canadian Parliament speaker is lying when he said that he was ignoring Yaruslav Hunka was former waffen SS collaborating with Nazi Germany. Trudeau is lying also as he knew very well Yaruslav Hunka and Canadian citizens from Ukrainian descent when he met many times with ukrainian nazi groups before the launch of Russian military special operation