Nazi Canada

Russia demands explication from Canada’s Trudeau which supported at the start of the Ukraine’s conflict and continues till now to be a unconditional supporter of Kiev regime. As rightly noticed Scott Morisson(former Australian PM ? in his comment) former nazis have sought refuge in the former British Empire, mainly in Australia and Canada but also in Latin America and the USA. The United States which helped Hitler to takke power in Germany in 1933 has also recycled and salvaged former nazis in order to fight communism all over the world. The litterature dealing with close ties linking the USA and former nazis is abundant and it suffice to cite only one seminal book very documented written by Richard Bretman and Norman Goda, “Hitler’s Shadow” . It is worth nothing that Canadian citizens from Ukrainian descent mostly descendants and offsprings former Nazis who migrated to Canada after the WWII were very active during Euromaidan coup in 2014.