Netanyhu’s “second war of independece” What is it ?

Which kind of “second war of independence” ? Israel was not a country occupied by foreign forces, it was artificially and illegally created by Britain promising through Balfour declaration homeland for the Jewish people living in European countries. But the question that begs, under what right allowing Britain to grant the Jewish a land else countries ? it is worth reminding in the same period Britian was promising a state for the Jewish in Palestine, it was refusing to the Irish their own state and their own republic by crushing the riots and confrontations lasting from 1916 to 1919. The easter rising led by revolutionary Connolly proclaiming the independence of Ireland was crushed by 160000 British soldiers. After France defeat in Sedan in 1870 and the loss of Alsace Lorraine to Germany, the rally cry of the French was the reintegration of occupied territories into French republic. Why denying to Palestinians the right to fight for their land? The main argument used by founders of Israeli state in 1948 supported by the West and even the Stalin’s USSR, the Shoah and the massacre of 6 million of jews by nazi regime during the WWII. One can retort the mass killing of jews occurred on the European continent, not in the Middle east, why Palestinians have to pay heavy price for crimes committed far away from their land by the Europeans ? If the west feels guilty about Jewish tragedy during the WWII, North America and European have a grand space, why France, UK, Germany, USA didn’t grant the jews a land inside their own territories in order to create their own state? Why precisely in Palestine after stealing Palestinian land ? Netanyahu’s “second war of independence” is humbug because the Irish who were fighting for their independence since 1916 were indigenous people established there since very longtime. Algerian war of independence is a real and genuine war of independence by expulsing the French colonizers after 132 years of colonization. What Netanyahu’s “second war of independence” is but a war to achieve and perform a Zionist ideology consisting of perpetuating the occupation of Palestinian land and driving its populations out of their remaining tiny territory