Israel’s pounding of Gaza, what does mean ?

“I just want to go back to the opportunity to orchestrate […] at least a new security architecture in the region… And this, I think, is the ultimate goal of this war. And we have to make sure that this opportunity that we got at such a high price – that we do not lose this opportunity, and, hopefully, we will not lose it, and make sure that we get the most out of this horrific and terrible attack of Hamas,” said Prof. Col. (ret.) Gabi Siboni. this warmonger pundit supporter of Netanyahu’s far right government is willing to reshape the map of the Middle East after exterminating, 2,1 million Gazans. This kind of allegations are uttered following each Israeli-Arab conflict since 1967. The Jewish state established on the Palestinian land with the complicity of Britain aimed at controlling the first oil field in Kirkuk(Iraq) is too weak to reshape the map of the Middle east and to wipe out of the map the Palestinian resistance. It is the weakness and the comatose state of Arab regimes that make believe Israel so powerful. Hamas’s attack shows that Israel like its masters in Washington and in Europe is a tiger with feet of clay according to Mao Tsé Tung. contrary to misleading appearances the Israeli onslaught in Gaza is not a show of strength as the mass killing in the Gaza Strip are not Hamas militants but defenceless Gazans. Israel like its master in The West appears to be powerful with the weak countries but weak with the countries well armed equipped with hypersonic missiles nuclear weapons like Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. Israel has no enough strength to reshape the map of the Middle East, Only generalized war in the region could set up political map similar to the WWI reshaping the map of Europe and the Middle east after the collapse of the three old Empires: Ottoman, Russian and Austria Hungary followed by the demise of the Jewish state in Palestine.