OSCE and Butcha

Earlier in December, the Russian Foreign minister Lavrov asked the ministerial Council of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe to provide the list of the victims of the so called Butcha massacre committed by Russian army before its withdrawal of this small town in northeastern region of Kiev. Lavrov’s demand of the list of victims of Butcha is but a mere waste of time as the Collective West and its regional and international organisations whose main mission, hyping, manipulating and deceiving International opinions and gullible masses are not able to provide the slightest proof to support their allegations and accusations. At the time, numerous testimonies and confessions collected on the spot confirmed including the mayor of Butcha that there were no mass killing of local residents at the moment of withdrawal of Russian army from the city according to agreement between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations gathering in Turkey to end the conflict in Ukraine. While Russia and Kiev regime were about to cease the hostilities and to conclude peace agreement, British warmonger, Boris Johnson hurried to Kiev to meet with Zelensky convincing him to continue the fight promising him full support of NATO until the last Ukrainian. Under these circumstances, one can understand why and for what purpose the so called Butcha massacre was a mere Hollywoodian show with bodies neatly and freshly arranged  on both sides of street while the supposed victims of Russian forces after their withdrawal were victims of summary execution committed by Ukrainian forces towards local residents suspected of collaboration with the Russian army. Hollywoodian show of Butcha is to compare to another Hollywoodian show of the fake mass grave of Timisoara staged and engineered on December 24,1989, by the CIA and western intelligence agencies digging up recently buried bodies from the cemetery of the city, pilled one above the other, presented by the western mainstream media as the victims of cruel man and dictator Nicolai Ceausescu savagely assassinated with his wife Helena on December 25, 1989 paving the way to the restoration of capitalism in Romania. During Euromaidan nazi coup in 2013-2014, nazi snippers positioned in the buildings next to Maidan place, have killed more than hundred of people including policemen and members of security forces before accusing Yanukovich’s government of mass killing of civilian population