Putin and NATO’s eastwards expansion

“And each time we expressed our concerns, we were told: well, yes, we promised you that NATO would not expand eastward, but these were verbal promises, namely, where is the piece of paper with our signature on it? There is no such paper, so goodbye. You see, it’s very difficult to have a dialogue with such people,” the Russian president noted. We may wonder why Putin awaited 22 years to finally decide to stop NATO’s expansion eastward. Popular proverb says ”better late than never”, the Russian inertia to prevent NATO’s strategy of encirclement of Russia has entailed in this time a heavy cost for the Russian people and particularly to the Russian speaking populations in the Donbass who already have paid a high price since the nazi coup in Kiev exactly 10 years ago and they continue just now to endure huge sufferings. One can blame Putin for his inertia and for his no decision to stop NATO’s expansion starting in 2004, but, to be balanced in our judgment on the man, Putin was operating in a very difficult and complex environment inside Russia becoming a mere western colony with Boris Eltsin and outside with the full triumph of what Francis Fukuyama called the “end of the history”, that is the victory and the superiority of economic, ideological and political model, the so called western pluralistic democracy championed by the United States and its European proxies becoming the leader of what was falsely called the “Free world”,” a perfect dictatorship for Aldous Huxley), making believe that the victorious West was carrying a divine mission, making the world safe for democracy, no matter the heavy cost in human lives and material destructions, by unleashing their bloody crusade all over the world specially in the Middle East region starting in Iraq in 1991,bombing Serbia during 78 days from March to June 1999,breaking it up into warring religious and ethnical parties,  invading Afghanistan in 2001 under the fallacious pretext of fighting the terrorism, invading sovereign state, Iraq, leaving dead hundreds of thousands of civilian and millions of displaced people, the break up of the then prosperous African nation, Libya in 2011 allowing the oil multinationals to steal with complete impunity its soil wealth , failed attempt of regime change in Syria in 2011 thanks to Russian support by using proxy brut forces, the jihadist mercenaries, and last but not least, NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine supported by neo nazi groups who toppled democratically elected president Yanukovych and killed thousands of Russian speaking populations since 2014   To all these reasons must be added economic factors, Russian integration in global capitalism, the dependence and the domination of Russia by American and European capital and the supply of European economy by Russian cheap energy that allowed the European bloc to emerge as rival competitor to the USA and China. These numerous elements, political, economic and geopolitical are likely provide rational and comprehensive explanations of Russia inertia and the main reasons why Russia didn’t take the appropriate measures to stop NATO’s expansion eastwards