Glimpse on the BRICS

Very informative post giving a glimpse on the BRICS in general and the consequences of its expansion. Contrary to western propaganda and hype on the 15th BRICS summit in Johannesburg, this global south does  represent a real danger neither for global capitalism which continues its own path as usual thanks to US financial and economic institutions set up in Bretton Woods in 1944 and its corollary the dollar supremacy in commercial relationships between the global south and the global north, nor real threat to endless wars waged by US and its European vassals as one can observe today in African continent as the former colonizers have always their puppet regimes playing the role of western gendarme. That can be confirmed by this remark of the author “ It is important to understand that BRICS does not want to reverse globalization or take over the global economic order. In some ways, it even wants to preserve the existing order more than the US does

Having said that, the only very consequence of the BRICS enlargement is related to SANCTIONS imposed on recalcitrant countries and regimes which refuse to kneel to western sanctions as witnessed by those imposed on Cuban and Pyongyang regimes, Iran and Russia today mainly after the special military operation in Ukraine, criticized Tuesday by Italy’s former PM Conte as damaging Italian businesses; Consequently, BRICS’s expansion will make much less efficient as the new members would not implement future sanctions imposed on Russia for example.