Netanyahu’s “peace” plan for Gaza

It is surprising to see International networks giving the floor to notorious war criminal like this scum who still continue to lecture the world about the peace in Gaza, after his army supported by the US armada slaughtered more than 20000 Gazans, mostly children and elderly, destroyed civilian infrastructures, schools, hospitals, and starving the civilian populations of the Gaza Strip as his place is not in International news but the images of his interrogation by a prosecutor of the International criminal Court, lodged in tiny cell in the Hague prison in case if there is an international justice worthy of the name. The word of peace in Gaza didn’t cross the mind of this war criminal who rather think about Great Israel from Judea to Samaria by cleansing the Gaza strip from its local populations and replacing them by Jewish colonizers coming from elsewhere. To make believe that he is a man of peace, this war criminal resorted to comparison between Israel, Germany and Japan. It is true Netanyahu is correct by setting this comparison as Fascist government of Netanyahu is a true copy of Nazi Germany and fascist Japan during the WWII. Concerning the de radicalization, it is worth nothing that Israeli populations and the ideology the Greater Israel that drives its extremist jews supporting Netanyahu should be firstly de radicalized before de radicalization of Hamas which was and is the logical answer to apartheid policy of the Jewish state.