Ukraine’s new US colony

According to the director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence, the US   has already established in Ukraine new colonial administration including Ukrainian officials who were earlier trained in the West. In fact, it is not only Ukraine becoming US colony, to be correct, Kiev regime is the latest US colony in Europe after Western Europe in the aftermath of the WWII, the Baltic states and former socialist states in the Balkans and within Eastern Europe. within days, Kiev nazi regime will celebrate its 10th anniversary and the way the then Yanovich’s government and Russia had allowed the coup without doing the right action to prevent it would be a case study for the historians of this critical period. While the neighbouring country Belarus which was in the crosshair of the West shortly after the demise of the USSR, saved  thanks to the its formidable KGB which was able to notice the early signs of the Colour revolutions already started in 2003 and to nip them in the bud, by dispersing the protesters, mostly formed of undergraduate students and other groups funded and advised by their foreign sponsors, the United States and its proxy European countries, dismantling the tents of the protesters erected in the centre of the capital Minsk, expulsing foreign journalists, seizing their materials to broadcast and to hype similar to the western lies and  anticommunist propaganda disseminated by Voice of America, Radio liberty, radio free Europe during the existence of socialist bloc, trying ahead the courts and putting in jail the local plotters. Since 1991, Belarus was subject to numerous attempts of regime change in Minsk and was regularly the target of the collective west because Alexander Lukashenko’s government  resisted its numerous and a regular intervals its assaults decided to resist, not to kneel and to bow before western imperialism in Europe. That is why the Iron man Lukashenko became the privileged target of the west, the wanted Man eliminate at any price and one can full understand the main reason the western propaganda labelled the last dictator in Europe who really saved his country from western colonization which was not the case of Yanukovich’s who was already victim of first colour revolution in 2004 ignoring what happened to him remained inert and inactive, by allowing and facilitating the nazi coup of Euromaidan exactly 10 years ago. It was the Belarus KGB which saved Yanukovich’s life by exfiltrating and bringing him to Minsk placed under the protection of Alexander Lukashenko’s security service.