Spanish PM Sanchez’s courageous stance about Israel violation of International Humanitarian Law

While European Union is slavishly aligned with Washington in its support to Israeli genocidal campaign in the Gaza Strip, discordant and courageous voice has been taken by the spanish PM Pedro Sanchez expressing his “serious doubt” that Israel was in compliance with international humanitarian law while waging war on the Palestinian group, given the imagery coming from the enclave and the “growing numbers of children dying” Sánchez was speaking at the end of a two-day visit to Israel, the Palestinian territories and Egypt with de Croo. This critical stance of Sanchez vis a vis far right Israeli government supported by European Union member states and the United States is uttered not only by the Spanish PM but also by rotational incumbent president of the EU till December 31, 2023 before taking over by Belgium from January 1, 2024. Sánchez also called for European Union recognition of a Palestinian state, saying Spain might do so on its own. At odds with other members of the EU which are all under the control of powerful Jewish pro-Israeli lobby, controlling the mainstream media, turning blind eye to Israeli war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity by committing mass killing against disarmed civilian populations in the Gaza strip and the systematic destruction of civilian infrastructure, hospitals, schools, this is the first time European leader publicly and implicitly recognizes that Netanyahu’s government is bluntly violating the International humanitarian law except he was not demanding reparations for Palestinians by holding accountable Israeli civil and military leadership that should be trying before the International criminal Court especially created by the West to punish the leaders refusing to kneel to western diktat and to sell their nations and states at lower prices. It is worth nothing that the so called International community, that is the Collective West, didn’t hesitate to instrumentalize the International justice, by creating a special tribunal the Hague war crime tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, set up in 1993 to put on trial and hold accountable the late Serb leader, Slobodan Milosevic prosecuted for his purported crimes war committed against Bosnians. This time, by comparing Milosevic’s so called war crimes and crimes against humanity with Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip, one can say without hesitation, Milosevic was war criminal apprentice, a choirboy. When we speak about International justice, one has to wonder which kind of International justice we are speaking about.