How whitewashing war crimes ?

The assessment made by Ted Rall is right and pertinent about Israeli war crimes and the already planning and constant ethnic cleansing policy of the Jewish state in the respect to the remaining of Palestinian lands going back to the United Nations partition Plan for Palestine on November 29, 1947. But one can disagree with him on the role played by public opinion, Arab and International, both in the outcome of American elections, in image of Israel and its status as Pariah state, racist and Apartheid state similar to Apartheid South Africa lasting from 1948 to the early 1990. By observing closely, the map since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948, it is not very difficult to guess the willingness of Israel to drive the Palestinians from their land and throwing them in the sea in order to achieve its goal, grabbing the remaining of already tiny Palestinian territory. This full colonization of Palestinian lands was in this time affirmed in broad daylight after October 7 when far right government of Netanyahu ordered the Gazans under fallacious pretext to leave their homes and to go to Jordan and Egypt. Israeli war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity do not date from the ongoing onslaught on civilian populations of the Gaza Strip, since its inception, Israeli resorted with full impunity to mass killing of the Palestinians to achieve its main goal despite numerous resolutions issued by the United Nations amounted 226 from Marsh 5, 1948 to November 15, 2023. Since its inception, Israeli genocidal regime has been always whitewashed by western mainstream media and by academics controlled by powerful Jewish lobbies presenting Israel as democracy amidst and opposed to dictatorial regimes in the Middle East. While committing war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity by massacring with full impunity the civilian populations of the Gaza Strip, Israeli genocidal regime is presented by the western mainstream media as unfortunate victim seeking to defend itself and even its own existence against what Israeli minister called animal humans” Controlled by powerful pro Israeli lobbies, instead of speaking about the ongoing Israel war crimes in Palestine by murdering of 16000 Palestinians mostly civilians and the destruction of civilian infrastructure, the mainstream media in Europe and North America are currently whitewashing the western public opinion by lamenting and trumpeting over the faith of hundreds hostages of Hamas. As it was always the case in the past following every Israeli war crimes committed against the Palestinians, the western mainstream controlled by powerful pro Israeli lobbies will proceed to International campaign aimed at whitewashing Israel’s onslaught on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, a campaign made under fallacious pretext that the Jewish state was leading a war of life or death against its enemies, that Israel is the only democracy amidst a dictatorial regimes and the war waged by Israel against Hamas is aimed at the defense of the common legacy of the west through its Judeo Christian roots.