Violation of Laws of history and geography,

This statement of French foreign minister Catherine Colonna asking for a security deal with Russia is ridiculous, biased and could be qualified as mere hype. Her statement seems to be nothing more than a piece of NATO’s propaganda disseminating all day long by the western mainstream media which are repeating the script written by Washington, making believe that Russia is the aggressor and the West the aggressed, the gentil pacifist west which is white as snow.  she added, “Russia exists and will continue to exist.” It is worth commenting Colonna’s statement saying Reality, history and geography mean that this country is largely on the European continent. We will have to find a way to rebuild a solid security architecture that takes into account the stability interests of all” First of all, if we respect the law of history and geography, western Europe should speak mostly Russian not English. If we respect the laws of history and geography, European citizens should visit before Russia located in European continent and not the united states; Instead of eating American junk food represented by multinationals by McDonald, Kentucky etc, European citizens should eat Russian gastronomy. Instead of listing to American music and subjugated by Hollowood movies, European citizens should listen to Russian music and watch Russian movies. if we respect the laws of geography, logically, European continent keeping area of only 7 million km² is expected to experience Russian impact keeping an area of 14,7 million km², that is twice the area of Europe. Now we should ask this question, why European continent was breaching the laws of history and geography ? The answer is not very difficult to guess, the emergence of US imperialism intrinsically and consubstantially linked to the history of this turbulent and aggressive state from its inception, originated by the Monroe doctrine of 1823 culminated by the Theodor Roosvelt wars of conquest in Latin America considered as its turf, Cuba, the Philippines, Costa Rica etc, the orderly control of European continent after two World wars and last but not least the crusade against communism declared by the Truman Doctrine in 1947