Borell’s Chimeric world

This man is living in chimeric world by stating EU would provide military and financial aid to Kiev regime without the support of the US. This racist man who said someday that Europe is a garden and the rest of the world a jungle didn’t read the history of master and slave between European continent becoming a mere US colony since the end of the WWI, during the interwar period and especially after the WWII. By creating NATO in 1949, the United States achieved its military and political control over Europe which has lost both its military and strategic autonomy, serving as auxiliary force for US endless wars and aggression against weak nations in Africa and the Middle east. In August 2013, former French president Hollande planned the destruction of Syria and the murder of Assad following the path of his predecessor Sarkozy who succeeded in Libya in 2011 by destroying the then prosperous African nation and the assassination of its leader Kaddafi. But Obama who already waged his aggression against Libya said no to Hollande who resigned himself by renouncing his criminal plan against Syria. By alleging EU aid to Ukraine without US seems to be ridiculous as both Europe and the US powerless to change the balance of power in the battlefield against Russia. Such military powerlessness of Europe and the US can be explained, before Ukraine conflict, the West was fighting against weak countries without powerful military industrial complex oble to cope with western military.