Russia’s ground forces Day

Thanks to Sputnik’s military experts writing extensively on Russian military, one can now better understand why NATO’s military and its 32 member states are not able to achieve the slightest progress on the battlefield since the launch of the Military special operation on February 2022 and in particular since the much-hyped Kiev counteroffensive in June this year. which sacrificed thousands of its troops and continues to send to death daily including disabled and aged soldiers without any military experiment. the daily high losses of Ukrainian soldiers on the battlefield can be explained by powerful Russian artillery thank to legendry 1-90 which cannot be challenged by NATO’s tanks such as much praised Challenger II In this very informative post, we can learn a lot about Russian ground military, the sophisticated armaments used by the troops and its organization. The very precious information provided by this post, one can guess why NATO member states are frustrated and even recognizing in half words their powerlessness against Russian military in Ukraine’s conflict. As rightly noticed by Podberezkin, military and weapon of western powers are designed and conceived for weak countries of the Third world not to cope with Russian military industrial complex