Zelensky&Trudeau’s nazi salute

In the photo taken inside Ottawa Parliament showing not only Zelensky pumping his fist honoring former waffen SS Yaruslav Hunka but also Trudeau who was next to him was doing the same gesture. What happened last week at Canadian Parliament in Ottowa is not isolated public manifestation of resurgence of nazism in both Ukraine and Canada . Honoring a former Grenadier in the waffen SS is fitting with the spirit of the times, the Zeitgeist in the West in general as those who porfess and claim to be nostalgic and heirs of Hitler say it loud and clear. the most clear example to date of rebirth of nazism is the resolution voted by the European parliament on september 19,2019 stating that Nazi Germany was not the sole responsable of the outbreak of the WWII blaming also the USSR for Hitler’s criminal war. the resolution states also that Stalin equal Hitler. Western mainstream media reporting from Ukraine following Euremaidan were using the term nazi to qualify Kievto be continued, after the launch of Russian military special operation, all these reports and investigations concernant Kiev regime have been deleted from Google, You tuve and social media in order to whitewash Kiev regime and its nazi croonies.