Remarks on Reuniification Day

In this Reunification Day, some remarks are necessary. the integration of these 4 regions and Crimea into the Russian federation was the right decision to be made in these circumstances as the Donbass civilians were massacred by the Kiev regime since the coup of 2014 staged by neo nazi groups supported by the United States and the European Union with two main objectives : looting Ukraine natural and mineral wealth on the one hand and completing the encirclement of Russia by NATO. The launch in 2022 of the special military operation was undeniably the right decision take by Putin but it was too late. By not overthrowing Kiev regime in 2014, Putin gave enough time to Kiev and its masters in Washington to strengthen its army, building fortifications on the frontlines making major cities more resistant to Russian assaults, increasing by the way Russian victims. For not intervening in Ukraine to nip in the bud the new Kiev regime in 2014,Putin allowed the nazification of Ukrainian society,the increase and the spread of Russophobia among the Ukrainian populations mostly located in western Ukraine. last but not least, it seems that Putin, like before him Gorbatchev, was deceived by the West by accepting the Minsk agreements conceived according to Merkel and Hollande, as a mere deception aimed at giving Kiev regime to buy time in order to arm and to prepare the future war against Russia with the support of NATO. It is not clear why Putin didn’t overthrow Kiev regime in 2014 as the West has always done by fomenting colour revolutions and coups to get rid of recalcitrant and disobedient regimes.