Ukraine’s soviet statue replaced by the golden trident

For political scientist,this survey is very telling. it deserves many comments. “69% of Ukrainians agree that the authorities could have replaced the Soviet hammer and sickle on the statue with Ukraine’s coat of arms – the golden trident – after the end of hostilities” This explain the extent of ideological undermining undertaken by US to revive nazism in Ukraine using its propaganda’s tools, Voice of America, Radio Liberty and radio free Europe and indoctrination of young people by NATO’s myriad psy op located in the new US colonies in Eastern Europe mostly in Poland and the Baltic states with the main objective, pitting Ukrainians against Russians, two peoples being citizens of a global superpower, the USSR, who shared common history during 77 years, who fought togheter and sacrificed their lives with the 30 million soviet dead during the WWII to get rid the world from nazi barbary. It should be reminded that soviet Ukraine was the most developed region inside the Soviet Union whose populations were enjoying high standard of living, with free éducation, free health care, absence of jobless to be compared with today’s Ukraine which lost 20 million of its populations since 1991,becoming the poorer state in Europe, and also the private property of US big corporations, Blackrock and Monsonto etc this survey is very telling of strong comeback of nazi nostalgics, partisans of Stepen Bandera and its likes, culminating by Euromaidan nazi coup against democratically elected president Yanokovich who refused to bind to the European diktat by leonie and unfavorable treaty and to wean ties with Russia. In good ways, Euromaidan coup and Mink agreements were the starting point towards a full work to give Ukraine enough time to prepare for the war with Russia and also in the meantime to nazify Ukrainian populations as showing by this survey. Such nazification of Ukraine was triggered by the comeback of nazi nostalgy in Europe of course under different forms, illustrated by the will of European to rewrite history since the end of the WWII. This revisionnism in history was witnessed by a resolution voted in December 2019 by the European parliament equating Stalin with Hitler and putting ine the same basket the aggressor and the assaulted, the invader and the invaded. Finally, this survey justifies the launch of Russian special military operation to denazify Ukraine as Russia will not at all tolerate hostile regime on its borders