Wagner’s boss in African desert to make Russia greater again

Prighozhin show somewhere in African desert is not at all mere coincidence and flashing of Wagner’s chief. Even the presence of Wagner’s boss in Africa was expected after 2 hours of phone talk between Putin and Malian learder colonel Assimi Goïta many days ago as the ECOWAS, mere puppet of France in western Africa is preparing military intervention in Niger with the mission,removing the military who took over from the power in Niamey on July 26, restauring the so called constitutional order and reinstating the proxy regime of the ousted Bazoum who called early to the USA and France for help. By doing so, the military decided to try him for treason and collaboration with the foreign enemy and even his execution with many of his ministers in case of military intervention. One can suppose that Putin-Goïti talk was a military request of Malian leader for helping Nigerien leadership to resist ECOWAS’s aggression and to strenghten its current means of defense. All the more, Mali and Burkina Faso have clearly sided with Nigerien military leadership and announced that any military aggression against Niger would be considered as aggression against their own nations and declared their readness to help their African brothers. Wagner’s milices which are currently supporting Malian government to fight jihadistes merceneries unleashed by France which was pretending that it was in Mali since 2013 to fight them in order to legitimize its military presence in this African nation lusted like all other western african nations for their underground mineral and agricole wealth. Malian military leadership understood and realized that since 2013 France was not able to destroy jihadists merceneries while Russia has succeded to destroy them in Syria in only two years from 2015 to 2017