ECOWAS’s military intervention in Niger

The ECOWAS’s military intervention in Niger sounds the death knell of this tool of western imperialism in Africa which is similar organization of US clone, AFRICOM created in the wake of NATO’s aggression against Libyan Jammahiria and the brutal assassination of its leader Muammar Kaddafi. The outcome of such planned military aggression will have two fatal consequences (1) Its military agression against a member will lead forcefully Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea to quit it (2) western puppet Bazoum, his family, his ministers and their families wil be eliminated,consequently the so called constitutional order will not be reinstated . Of course, France, USA, EUROPE have already their puppets to be reinstalled but the African nation will be plunged in civil war like in its neigyboting nation Libya. Furthermore, the minister of defense of Burkina faso declared that his country, with Mali and Guinea is prepared to fight back eventual invaders; read more on @elmir1975