Western binary thought, Nigerien putshists verso Ukrainian nationalists

Niger’s crisis provides occasion to show both western binary thought and the double standard in International relations through comparative semantic and rethoric used with Ukraine. First and foremost, mainstream media in the west and particulary in France concerned by Niger situation as former colonizer of this African nation, labells the curent events coup d’état while it labells Euromaidan color revolution “popular revolution”. After the military took over the power in Niamey by overthrowing Basoum France’s puppet,the former colonizer asked its neocolonial tool, the ECOWAS for swift military intervention to reinstate its deposed president and to restaure the so called constitutional order while the same western maisntream media, albeit recognizing in the time Euromaidan in 2014 fomented by NATO’S nazi groups like AZOV militants, didn’t ask for military intervention to reinstate the then democratically elected Viktor Yanukovich and consequently to restaure the constitutional order in Ukraine. while the western mainstream media calls Nigerien military Putshists, Euromaidan ukronazis putshists are labelled Patriots,nationalists and revolutionaries. it will be useful to remember (1) the USA supported by myriad of its vassals fomented 500 coups d’état since the end of the WWII all over the world including 218 coups for the African continent alone.(2) Nigeria today ruled by corrumpt and former drug dealer in Chicago, Bola Tinubu,threatening its northern neighbor by military action has a long history of coups d’état as this multiethnic federal state had experienced numerous coup d’état from its independence in 1960 till 1999, in all eight attempted coups including six successful ones