Moon landing and Modi’s regime propaganda

Of course, Modi’s regime and Indian brainwashed elite will not go without instrumentalizing this event aimed at more exacerbating nationalism that’s is gonna go up a notch since Bharatiya Janata party took over the power in India in 2014.India became the most populous nation on the earth with 1,4 billion surpassing China. After its independence in 1947, India was the founder in of the Non-Aligned Movement which had its origins in the 1947 Asian Relations Meeting in New Delhi and the 1955 Asian-African Conference in Bandung, Indonesia. India also participated in the 1961 Belgrade Conference that officially established the Non-Aligned Movement. India of the time had friendly relationships with the USSR.

Western propaganda looks at India like a democracy which is not, its political system is imported from its colonizer English system to be considered a mere representative parliamentarism with elections at Olympic Intervale and two headed single party ruled by subservient politicards working for the interests of the wealthy and the few. As witnessed by reactionary and pro business policy of Modi government, the nefarious Farm laws bluntly privatizing Indian agriculture putting the Indian peasants under the control of Agrobusiness multinationals similar to control of Ukrainian agriculture and its underground wealth by Blackrock and Monsanto in Ukraine. Comparing with today’s foreign policy implemented by Modi’s regime since 2014, India cease to be nonaligned country to become a mere puppet of the West and a tool into its hand in geopolitical rivalries by participating regularly in joint military drills with the USA in the Indo Pacific region to fight China and to contain the so called China’s imperialism in the south China sea and mainly in African continent.