Argentina’s new elect-president Javiar Milei

The election of a fascist president to rule Argentina is a real tragedy for the people of this Latin American nation that has already suffered from military dictatorship like Brazil, Chili and other countries supported by the United States considering this continent as its backyard going back to the nefarious Monroe Doctrine in 1823 confirmed by the Spanish American war ended in 1898 allowing the United States to start a new form of imperialism, illustrated by the case of Cuba which was not formally annexed after victory, but governed by hidden means, through indirect intervention in Cuban affairs. As a result of the war, the United States acquired Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines as territories. The Cuban stratagem is used in today Europe becoming a new colony of the United States. Election of a fascist as new president of Argentina is confirmation that fascism and Nazism didn’t die in 1945 but they continue to live and extend its rule all over the world under other insidious forms and means without Hitler’s Mustaches and Benito Mussolini’s brown shirts. European and US fascism has a new friend in Argentina in the person of the new elected president, Javiar Milei. Welcome to the club. Recently, a talk show was organized with the participation of renowned Belgo Canadian historian Georges Pauwels dedicated on the topic “ A century of fascism”