10 years ago, starting of Euromaidan

10 years ago, started nazi coup in Ukraine, called Euromaidan, when neo nazi groups coming from Europe and the United States attacked Ukrainian security forces with the main aim, provoking chaos and disorder. This nazi coup was supported by western mainstream media, the Intelligence services, the European Union and the US which were behind the coup. Politicians from Europe and the US hurried to Kiev in sign of support for the neo nazi groups. The impetus for the coup was the rejection of the then president Yanukovich to kneel to European diktat and to sign a humiliating treaty with the European Union lusting the huge agricultural and mineral wealth. But putting under its control Ukrainian state and society was not enough, the United States and its European vassals wanted to turn Ukraine along with other European countries into a NATO controlled state, serving as bridgehead to dismantle the Russian Federation as they did with the ex Yugoslavian Federation