Putin’s late confession

Putin declared on Sunday he believed naively that there there would be no confrontation the West after the restoration of wild capitalism in Russia by former communist turned anti communist Mikhail Gorbatchev leading to the demise of the unique global power able to bridle hegemonic and imperialist appetence of the US and its proxies in western European and the new colonized countries in Eastern Europe, former members of the Socialist bloc. Putin’s confession comes late but better late than never. As new leader of Russia since 2000, Putin former KGB operator working in Eastern Germany turned politician had enough time to observe what the West and NATO were intriguing against Russia, the expansion of NATO eastward, colour revolutions in the ex Soviet Republic, in Ukraine 2004, Georgia, 2005, launch in August 2008 aggression by then Georgian US agent Mikhail Sakhasvili against South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Euromaidan nazi coup in 2014. Putin’s naivety appears in daylight when he allowed the new nazi regime in Kiev and signing the Minsk Accords which were a mere deception according to Merkel and Hollande in order to give the new Ukrainian regime enough time to strengthen the army, building fortifications with the support of NATO’s member states, before preparing aggression against Russia.