Rise of neo nazi parties in Europe

Like Adolf Hitler who won election in Germany 90 years becoming chancellor thank to his anti-Communist and anti Bolshevik mantra, promising his Americans and European funders, the big capital to get rid of communism in Europe, his offsprings today have found another scapegoat, the Muslims and immigrants. It is on this wave of racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia that surfing the worthy heirs of Adolf Hitler and his bloody regime that caused the death of more than 50 million including nearly 25 million of Soviet people. 50 years ago, the nostalgic of Nazism were hidden like vermin in their dens,the Geert Wilders, the Marine LE Pen,Ukraine Banderites,the Viktor Orban, the German Afd, the Spanish Vox, the Georgia Meloni, and so on,they don’t even show themselves in public so much so that memories of the atrocities of Nazism were vivid among the European populations victims of Nazi barbarism. But early in the 1970s, Nazi vermin began to emerge from their dens thank to the United States and European vassals which collected and recycled former nazis who have been used as proxy forces in the fight against the Communism, the Soviet Union and the east European socialist bloc. The case of Gerhard Gehlin is telling example on how the United States recruited former nazi spies in order to create new nazi groups and resuscitate former nazi structures devoted to the fight against communism. One can cite also the Gladio, the Stand by networks created in Italy to prevent the then so called Soviet invasion of western Europe. After the demise of the Socialist bloc, the United States resuscitated and put in power neo nazi groups in the former east European socialist countries and in the Baltic states to prevent the return of communism there. The neo nazi far right parties emerged in Europe since the 1970s have been  whitewashed by the western mainstream media and became normalized parties inside the political Spectrum as the manipulated voters by political propaganda believe they are voting for right wing candidates while in fact they are helping neo candidates to raise to power like the German voters who helped Hitler to take the power 90 years ago.