G20 New Delhi

this is not more than show as the African Union has no influence to change the course of events and it is not a key geopolitical player like Russia and China in global politics. The African Union member states are mostly composed of regimes subservient to the political agenda and the economic interests of the US and European former colonizers. The African Union is to compare with the ECOWAS which is France puppet in western Africa. It is worth reminding that the African Union, instead of opposing NATO’s aggression against Libya in 2011, voted for no fly zone over Libya, paving the way to the destruction of then prosperous African nation and contributing to the murder of its leader.One can remember the G20 emerged in the wake of Asian financial crisis that lasted from 1997 to 1998, as a forum of discussion between major capitalist countries believing that their system would be the end of history according to Francis Fukuyama after the demise of the USSR and communism in eastern Europe. Asian financial crisis were a reminder that endemic and frequent crisis are inherent to capitalist mode of production and even the opening of new markets in Asia and in the former socialist bloc in Eastern Europe with very cheap labour. The main objective of founders and proponents of the G20 in order to overcome capitalist periodic crisis and economic and financial turmoil was for a better integration of the developing and third world countries into global capitalism. The birth of the BRICS was in the same way as a response to 2008 crisis