Ukrainisation of regional and international organisations

Since the special military operation and hysteric NATO’s pervasive propaganda waged all over the world, the west has to use all its energy to put forward Ukraine’s conflict and to politicize by serving regional,transnational and internaitonal institutions and organizations as tribune for false accusation and hyping about the current military confrontation between Russia and Nato’s member states. Recently, during a meeting of the G 7 Parliament which was before 2014 G 8 following the expulsion of Russia, Ukraine’s conflict became a top issue of political agenda of the participants presenting Kiev regime a haven of democracy while it is one of the most corrupt regime,and the Ukranians are fighting not only for their homeland but for the so called “western civilization” too. while in fact Ukrainian people who was part during 77 years of the same society and the same State, the USSR, are dying by thousands for geopolitical purpose of NATO’s expansionism in Eastern Europe. the latest example of politicisation and ukrainisation of transnational organization, Macron’s request to attend the BRICS’s summit in South Africa, a request rightly by Russia as France has no right to participate to this global south group.