Lebanon to complain to the UN security council, a joke ?

This is a joke for three main reasons, one, the Lebanese interim PM Najib Mikati ordered the foreign minister to form a complaint to the UN security Council for violation of Lebanon sovereignty by Israel, knowing very well that country which is but a mere military base of the US in the Middle East whose mission is to apply the strategy of its western sponsors, sowing the chaos in this region to achieve geopolitical goals and to secure the control over oil, ignored 266 resolutions voted since 1947. Two, Lebanon, this minuscule territory of 10000 km², a multi confessional and artificial country, which was a part of Great Syria under Ottoman rule, whose economy based on Ponzi Pyramid ( as money sent by Lebanese diaspora serve to pay and enrich a corrupt politicians) has never been a genuine state since its creation in 1943 as it went through two civil wars in 1958 and 1975 to end today 80 years after independence into failed state with 1 USD worth 90000 Lebanese pound. Three, the Lebanese Hezbollah which undoubtedly has the most powerful and trained militia in the Middle east promised retaliation against Israel knowing that Hezbollah retaliatory strike cannot deliver devastating blow to Israeli army and the word retaliation has not the same mean compared to Russian retaliatory strike carrying out sophisticated and combined hypersonic missiles blowing up Ukrainian command centers, military equipment and killing dozens of mercenaries.