How the Middle East region was shaped by colonialism and the USA ?

The eagerness and the hostility of the Arab and Muslims in the Middle East towards the West in general and the United States in particular are not something new, dating from today Israeli Hamas conflict. There are legacy of western colonialism and its role in the making up and the shape of the map of this region of the world in the aftermath of the WWI and the collapse of the sick man of Europe, Ottoman Empire which the new current states were a part for more than five centuries. The driving force behind the creation of the states in the Middle east including the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine was the discovery of the oil in current Iraqi Kirkuk and the willingness of Great Britain to control and to lay hands on new fuel used for moving for the new military equipment and for automobile. The emergence of the USSR as global power after the WWII crowned as the power that defeated the Nazism in Europe in one hand and also the country that supported the brotherhood among colonized and oppressed peoples and the movements of national liberation triggered the birth of powerful nationalist and communist movements in the Arab Muslim world vowed to fight western powers in the region on the other hand. The birth of Nasserism and the nationalization of the Suez Canal by Nasser was a historical landmark in the struggle of the Arab and Muslim peoples against colonialism and imperialism. The tripartite aggression anglo-Franco-Israeli in October 1956 was thwarted thanks to the support of the USSR threatening to resort  atomic weapon against the aggressors. The creation of Non aligned movement by the three anti colonialist and anti imperialist leaders, Nasser,Tito and Nehru was vigoursly opposed by the United States through the Eisenhower doctrine whose main objective, fighting the communism and nationalist movements in the Arab Muslim and setting up proxy and client regimes that helped the United States to control both the oil, the peoples and cultures of the Middle East. The inertia and the passivity of the Arab and Muslim corrupt regimes facing the current onslaught of the Palestinian people in Gaza are in contrast with the general sentiment that dominates in the Arab and Muslim streets in the middle east and elsewhere.