China & Niger

China could help Niger overcome the sanctions imposed by the ECOWAS, threatening the African nation by military action following the overthrow of France’s puppet Mohammed Bazoum. Contrary to former colonizer of Africa, China has no colonialist intentions in this continent and consequently it is not imperialist power aimed at stealing and pillaging the natural resources. China’s main objective is to business and to build infrastructures. While the USSR which served as inspiring model both for China and other colonized people all over the world in particular Ho Chi Minh who has deepened his understanding of Marxist Leninist theory in Moscow’ Lenin International School in the 1930st  supported African movements of liberation in the name of internationalism and proletarian brotherly. Patrice Lumumba’s university in Moscow today is the most telling legacy of the USSR’s support for African people considering Russia today as the main supporter in their struggle against neo colonialism. This is not the case of Chinese African policy. That is why one can see during popular protests in Mali, Burkina Faso and today in Niger Putin’s photo waved and pro Russian slogans shouted by the protesters. That was highlighted recently by the remarkable speech ushered during the Second Summit Russia Africa in Saint Petersburg by the Young president per interim of Burkina Faso Ibrahim Troaré calling his Russian counterpart for support to overcome the sequels of neo colonialism in his country. While Russia fully support Mali at the Security Council by vetoing a resolution presented by France and the United Arab Emirates aimed at prolonging sanctions against Mali, China abstained, why ?