Nigeria failed state

Nigeria is a failed state, scored with Ukraine the most corrupt state on the earth. Nigeria has huge natural wealth which is looted both by foreigners and Nigerian corrupt ruling class. the average Nigerian is poor while a few compradore bourgeoisie helps their masters in Europe and the United to pillage the national resource. Nigeria was always the centre of geopolitical conflict between the former colonizer UK and the new players like China. The Nigeria-Biafran war started on July 6, 1967 and ended on January 15, 1970 was provoked by foreign powers which have used separatist colonel Ojuku as their puppet to found Igbo state with the support of France which was eyeing the lucrative oil production in the Niger Delta. 63 years after its so called independence, Nigeria is once more used by France, as the state chaired currently the ECOWAS to overthrow military regime in Niger. it is worth noting, current Nigerian president was a former drug dealer who amassed enormous wealth in Chicago in the 1980s before returning to Nigeria and bought the vote of poor Nigerians.