Expulsion of french ambassador in Niamey,Niger becoming sovereign state

Such decision, albeit late,is rational and expected vis a vis hostile state, looking desperately at overthrowing the new military leadership in Niamey after the ousting of France’s puppet, Mohammed Bazoum. Niger’s military leadership has decided the expulsion of French ambassador who has 48 hours to quit the country. All in all, this decision is really an act of sovereignty of a really independent state, a self-respecting state. It is also surprising that the Nigerien authorities waited so long before expulsing non only French ambassador but getting rid of French military presence in Niger, the largest African country in terms of French troops, some 5650 across the continent including 1000 to 1500 soldiers in this western African country. Surely, military authorities in Niamey have available reasons to proceed to the expulsion of French ambassador triggered by rising popular anger against the former colonizer suspected of stealing the main and precious resource of the country, the Uranium, bought at 11 euros/kg resold by France 218 euros, used for reactors, allowing the illumination of France with cheap electricity, the cheapest in Europe per Kilowatt while in the same time, the producing country has to import 90% of its power from its southern neighbor, Nigeria which is chairing currently the ECOWAS, a warmonger French puppet, threatening the Nigerien new leadership by military intervention aimed at reinstating the ousted president Bazoum and restoring the so called constitutional order.