capitalist crisis and rise of neo nazi parties in Europe

Geert Wilder’s victory in the Netherlands, like Le Pen in France leading since last year a group of 89 deputies in the National Assembly, Benito Mussolini’s nostalgic, Georgia Meloni in Italy, the electoral performance of German Afd and Spanish VOX, are but pathological symptom of sole phenomenon that existed in Europe, a century ago, the surge of fascism and Nazism in the 21th century caused by unbridled capitalism and the end of what be called the Welfare state that took place in the aftermath of the WWII, unleashed by Pinochet’s Chicago’s boys following the CIA coup of 1973 setting an example for Reagan in the USA and Thatcher in Great Britain. The opening of new markets for European and American capital in the former Eastern Europe socialist countries contributed to the wage reduction and the exacerbation of concurrence between the new eastern European  lumpenproletariat and the working class in western Europe. In parallel the subservient political establishment dismantled the labour code and the slashed the main labour legislations related to the protection of the working class in case of unemployment or old age insurance. To restore the privilege of capital over workers, Thatcher dismantled the power of then powerful trade Unions, in Germany Gerhard Schroeder dismantled the labour code and slashed the main measures of protection of works illustrated by his nefarious Hartz reforms. Spain with Aznar and Chirac in France followed the same path. By comparing the social, economic and political conditions giving rise to fascism and Nazism in Italy and Germany, one can find the same cause, sharp capitalist crisis whose main victims are the workers in western capitalist countries. In order to counteract a fierce class struggle, capitalist class and its mercenaries, politicians and mainstream media resorted to the deception and the psychological manipulation, invented one century ago, a fictional enemy, stigmatisation of the communist and the jew, and it is the case in this time, as the scapegoat today is the Muslims and the immigrants who became the rallying cry of the neo nazi parties today. The problem in western capitalist countries is not the Muslims and the immigration but greedy capitalist class seeking to maximize its profits and secure accumulation of capital and power. Everything else is but a diversionary tactic as usual.