Ongoing coup d’état in Gabon

After Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Niger and now Gabon, African continent is clearly in revolt against the French colonialism in western Africa in the Sahel region. Like in all African puppet regimes, ridiculed by Burkinabe’s young president per interim, Ibrahim Troaré during his seminal speech given in Saint Petersburg in July 27 in the framework of 2th summit Russia-Africa, Gabonese elections are rigged with the support of France to maintain in power its puppet president, Ali Bango Odimba after the long rule of his late father Omar Bango. The two main questions which arise now, (1) what would be the reaction of France’s puppet, the ECOWAS which is preparing for military intervention in Niger in order to remove the new military leadership from power, reinstating the ousted president Mohammed Bazoum and restoring the so called constitutional order; (2) what would be France’s reaction, the former colonial power which has already lost her footing in many of her former colonies in Mali, Burkina Faso, Central Africa, Guinea, Niger and now Gabon. It is worth noting, France has 6560 soldiers stationed there and numerous military bases located in Africa in the framework of OPEX(foreign operations) that cost to French taxpayers 1,4 billion euros per year. Giving the ongoing events in Africa, it is worth reading this seminal book of revolutionary Franz Fanon, “the African revolution” follow on @elmir1975