Putin’s eve year speech

Through Putin’s full 2024 New Year’s Eve speech, one can feel that Russia goes through critical period and once more is facing new challenges, even the biggest challenge since the WWII, maintaining united and multiethnic Russia threatened by division and breaking up by the collective West planning to apply its previous and nefarious strategy by shattering enemy countries into pieces, according to the principle of divide and rule, towards coveted and disobedient states and peoples refusing foreign diktat as it was the case with  the USSR, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, and Syria. While the same collective West didn’t hesitate in the past and doesn’t hesitate today, to group, to unite countries and create military alliance in order to achieve its military and geopolitical goals. In 1949, the US created NATO to fight the USSR and international communism all over the world according to the Truman and Churchill doctrine and the same military alliance that should have been dissolved following promise of James Baker to Gorbachev, is still fighting Russia today. The United states didn’t hesitate to violate the laws of geography and history by creating separate and antagonistic political and economic bloc, the European Union which was at its origin, Nazi project, directed against Russia. One can observe the same strategy and trend of grouping countries for hegemonic imperatives and geopolitical goals when it comes to Asia Pacific region by forming military, economic and political blocs and alliances against China in violation of the laws of geography and history of this part of the world.