European sanctions against Russua, the Boomrang

President Putin was right when he predicted that foolish European bloc sanctions against Russia would return like a boomerang as the only victims are the ordinary people in particular the low income households unable to pay their bills to warm up and to cook. In order to see by your eyes the devastating effects of sanctions against Russia, suffice to go shopping in a supermarket by observing the waltz of labels as the prices exponentially increasing from day 1 to day 2  without the consumer even knowing that he is paying higher price for his products and goods because of irrational and thoughtless decisions of his own government. Everyone can compare the prices of items before and after the sanctions and logically one can conclude that such higher prices have been generated by the ban of Russian energy supplies. It is worth nothing that the growth of European economy and the emergence of the Euro as major competitor of the USD, it is due principally to Russian cheap energy supplied to Europe knowing very well that the energy was the determinant factor and the engine and the base of what is called the Industrial revolution at the end of the XVIII and the beginning of XIX century originated in Great Britian before its propagation in Continental Europe. After the Bolshevik revolution, We know the formula used by  Lenin, at the Congress of Soviets in 1920: «Communism is the Soviets everywhere more electrification