what does mean US show of strength in the Middle East ?

US show of strength in the Middle East after sending earlier this month of the US deployed two aircraft carriers, the USS Gerald R. Ford and USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, the deployment of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) battery as well as additional Patriot battalions, and 2,000 Marines and sailors to the waters off Israel’s coast speaks volumes about (1) unconditional American support to Israel, its darling proxy state, its neighbouring policeman  (2) the powerless of the Israeli military to engage in urban guerrilla and war of attrition against Palestinian resistance and even more against Lebanese Hezbollah promising to support the Gazans. It is without contest, Hamas attack on October 7 killing more than thousand civilians and military and taking nearly 220 hostages shattered the myth of Tzahal’s invincibility and the legend spread worldwide of the most powerful army in the world. Undoubtedly Hamas’s attack has enraged the collective West judging its hysterical and irrational reactions when it comes to Israeli victims and especially its binary mind and its double standard when the western corrupt elites call the Ukrainians heroic resistants to the so called Russian invasion until the last Ukrainian while labelling Hamas as terrorist movement when it comes to resist Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. The two ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East openly reveal a supremacist and racist west when it comes to support Ukrainians and Palestinians, as the earliest are “white with blue eyes like us” belonging to “European civilization” “the garden” (according to Josep Borell) while the latest are “dark-skinned,brown, black, yellow belonging to “uncivilized people”(the jungle according to Josep Borell). Following Russian military special operation in Ukraine, hysteria seizes western elites calling for the humanitarian support of Ukrainians by every means even by making donations to Ukrainians when you are shopping in supermarket, while the United states vetoed Brazilian and Russian draft at the Security Council calling for humanitarian support to the Gazans embargoed, pummeled and slaughtered by Israel since more than two weeks. Following Russian military special operation, corrupt western elites manipulated European and North American citizens through their subservient mainstream media calling them to take to the streets by thousands to protest against “Russian aggression” and shouting Putin is Hitler, while the same corrupt western elites are criminalizing pro Palestinians rallies and censoring the dissident voices protesting the massacre of the Gazans by Israeli forces. Many pro Palestinians activists in Europe and the US have been arrested like the former ambassador and Assange Advocate, Craig Murray after his return from Iceland. In France, under the influence of a very powerful Jewish lobby controlling also the mainstream media, and to silence the French voicing their support to Palestinians, it is prohibited to raise a Palestinian flag as it is the case of the general secretary of the first trade union CGT arrested yesterday at 6 am by the police while he was sleeping after raising Palestinian flag during un pro-Palestinian rally in northern France.