Second front with the Lebanese Hezboallah ?

The conflict between Israel and Hamas my become uncontrolled if the a second front is opening with the lebanese Hezbollah, prompting Iran to side with the Shia movement and the US with its proxy state. One cannot compare Hamas with the Lebanese Hezbollah movement which already inflicted humiliating defeat to israeli forces during the war of July August 2006. The lebanese Shia movement is incomparably 1000 times more powerful than 2006 having an arsenal estimated according to some western intelligence sources at 150 000 sophisticated missiles able to hit depth any civilian and militay location inside Israel. Inevitably, a probable opening a second front with Hezbollah will draw Iran into the conflict prompting the US to intervene in support of its proxy state Israel. this will be a major deflagration never seen in the XXI siècle