Ukrainisation of G 20

Before Russian special military operation on February 24, 2022, few hardly knew where Ukraine is located on the map of the world. Before the demise of the USSR, few knew if there is a nation or society named Ukraine.  Since 1991, Ukraine came to the forefront of news, the first time in Novembre 2004 to January 2005 with the so called Orange revolution fomented by the West, that overthrew pro Russian president Yanukovich replaced by pro west leadership including former banker Yushchenko and Yulia Timoshenko. The second time, Ukraine occupied the forefront of world news, this was during a second colour revolution initiated in February 2014 by neo nazi groups funded and armed by the USA and European Union, that toppled once more democratically elected president, Yanukovych for refusing humiliating deal dictated by Brussels aimed at selling at the lowest price, Ukraine’s wealth to American and European corporations. Thanks to Belarus KGB, Yanukovich was exfiltrated and saved his life. Before Russian special military operation, western journalists and reporters were talking about neo nazi regime in Kiev, the followers of Stepen Bandera and their rallies every year to commemorate his nazi past during the WWII. Since February 2022, all those reports naming a cat a cat have been deleted from Google and Youtube. Now, Ukraine is presented as a haven of democracy while since 1991, it appeared as the most corrupted state in the world with Nigeria. The latest example of the Ukrainisation regional and transnational organizations is this allegation ushered by the speaker in the French National Assembly, during a meeting of G7 Parliament, saying “ Ukraine is fighting for her freedom and for the security of Europe. she is defending our values of democracy and belongs to European family. Our parliaments have a key role to play  by ensuring unconditional support of our states including our citizens, relentlessly unbathed ”