Who is behind mass riots in Russian Dagestan ?

The mass riots occurred Sunday at the tarmac of an airport of the city of Makhachkala, the capital of the Russian republic of Dagestan, located in the north Caucasus, inhabited in majority by Muslims, was engineered by Ukraine and its western backers using Israel onslaught on the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip that shocked the entire world through apocalyptic scene of destruction and death among the civilians. These shocking images unleashed passions and angered the Arab- Muslim streets all over the world expressed by pro Palestinian rallies oddly authorized by Arab and Muslim regimes in the Middle East where habitually demonstrations are prohibited. The West a past master in the techniques of psychological manipulation of the masses catches the anger of Muslims as it did in Yugoslavia by pitting the different ethnicities that composed it against each other according to the principle of divide and rule. What happened in Dagestan Sunday tonight can be considered the latest attempt by the West to sow ethnic and religious discord among the numerous ethnicities composing the Federation of Russia.  Russia, as the largest country in the world, has great ethnic diversity, is a multinational state, and is home to over 190 ethnic groups nationwide. The western plan to break up Russia can go back to the Tsarist Empire, then the USSR and Russia today and more than ever since the military special operation in Ukraine where breaking up the Russian federation into 40 tiny states became a “secret de Polichinelle”(French expression meaning open secret). What happened in Russian republic of Dagestan can be qualified as pogrom, antisemitic mass riots expressed by angered Muslim populace witnessing the extermination of the Gazans by Israel. But such antisemitic reaction of the populace should not be confused with the term antisemitism used by a powerful Jewish lobbies in the West whose objective is to silence the dissident voices criticizing the policy of collective punishment implemented by Netanyahu’s far right government killing without discernment thousands of children, elderly men, women. In this case, the Jewish lobbies resorting to antisemitism as ideological and political weapon to silence the critics of Israeli’s mass killings are foolishly and shamefully instrumentalizing the tragedy of Shoah committed in Europe by the nazis