Standoff between Niamey and Paris

Macron does not want to speak to the “illegitimate authorities” and requires the ambassador will remain in Niamey. Stubbornness,childish and thoughtless reactions of French president speak volumes both about his amateurism and inexperience in foreign policy but also about continuing neo colonial thought that drives French political establishment and business community. The expulsion of ambassadors or consular body is a sovereign right of a state having the power to accept or refuse their accreditation. During his meeting with French ambassadors, Macron explained the main reason for which French ambassador in Niger Itte must stay on site because France does not recognize the new military leadership as legitimate authority while the former president Hollande recognized the Ukrainian authorities resulting from Euromaidan coup that overthrew democratically elected president Viktor Yanukovich. His successor and offspring Macron is still providing military and financial support to Kiev regime. In addition, French authorities slavishly followed Washington’s conspiracy aimed at overthrowing Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro by recognizing a fictive regime represented by the puppet Joan Guaido. During the Syrian civil war, France became the first European power to recognise Syria’s new opposition coalition as the sole representative of its people and it would look into arming rebels against President Bashar al-Assad once they form a government. To come back to Niger, Macron and his military advisers know that their puppet Mohamed Bazoum has no any chance to be reinstated to power and he would rather be tried for high treason and collaboration with foreign hostile forces as was witnessed by his call to the United States and the Pentagon through a post released in the NYT and to France to intervene against the new military leadership enjoying day after day increasing popular support evidenced by huge rallies. The mounting angry in Niger is reflected also by yesterday protests claiming the expulsion of the French ambassador legalized in the same day by decision of the supreme Court, added to another critical stripping him from his diplomatic immunity and ordering his expulsion by the police. Nigerian new leadership request also the expulsion of the 1500 French soldiers stationed in the country. In light of all these events, it is not clear till now if Paris under the pretext of ambassador’s expulsion by Nigerien police considered as violation of French sovereignty through its ambassade, is preparing military aggression aimed at overthrowing the military regime and restoring Bazoum to power in Niamey.