Young global leaders, CIA outlet

Like his boss Macron, Attal was imposed by a CIA secret organization called the “Young leader” with mission tracking Young men and women in countries and bloc committed to serve the US and the western geopolitical interest all over the world. The recruits of Young lobal leaders are people aged between 30 and 45 year old, known, given their young age and their lack of long political experience, for their servility and their slavish obedience to the interests of the establishment and the established order. If you are googling,you can know more on this special organization, you can discover inter alia that Young global leader was created by Klaus Schwab in 2004, based in Geneva whose early work was the recruitment of anticommunist and anti Russian young people and sympathizers of Nazism in particular in the Baltic states and in the former socialist eastern Europe bloc. Young global leaders is targeting today preference anti Muslims and anti-immigrants young leaders following the times which are the strong comeback and the revival of Nazism in Europe.