On the Right to resist

Palestinians expulsed from their homes and lands following the creation of Israël in 1948 have not only the right but also the duty to resist and to organize self defense against illegal order and alien forces. The right to resist and self-defense is subject to the rules of international humanitarian law, including the respect of the principle of distinction between civilians and combatants. But, right to resist, including armed resistance: Yes. Right to indiscriminately kill or target civilians: No. It’s as simple and unambiguous as that. Hamas’s attack can be qualified as act of resistance and self defense and not terrorist action contrary to the hype and manipulation of the western mainstream media. Bombing, killing civilian Gazans, destroying civilian infrastructure, depriving them from food, water, electricity, hospitals, this is not self defense nor fighting Hamas combatants, this is a mere terrorism, genocide, war crime and crimes against humanity. Israel war crimes in Gaza is similar to all war crimes committed by the US in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam war by using Orange and other weapons of mass destruction, during the Gulf war by using depleted Uranium, in Yugoslavia, Iraq 2003, Libya and Syria in 2011. Hamas is one of Palestinian resistance movement but it is not alone, there are many movements of resistance before the creation of Hamas including the PLO. It is worth nothing Hamas was created and funded by the Mossad Netanyahu’s government in order to divide the Palestinian movements of resistance mainly against Arafat’s leadership. One can compare Hamas’s creation by the Mossad and Israeli government to the creation of Muslim brotherhood in Egypt in 1928 by Hassan El Bana supported by then guardian power, the British government, to the Afghan’s Mujahidin and Ben Laden, by the CIA and the support of Saudi and Pakistan’s Intelligence services to fight the USSR, myriad of jihadists mercenaries that destroyed Libya and murdered Kadaffi, ISIS in Syria eliminated by Russia and in Iraq, in the Sahel region where these jihadists used the US and France to destabilize Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger