Comments on Chinese foreign minister

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi condemned Israeli bombing of Gaza in a phone call to Saudi foreign minister as going beyond the self defense, aimed at collectively punishing the residents of the Gaza Strip, calling for the immediate cessation of military campaign and return to negotiations. This Chinese statement apparently is contrasting with Russia’s ambiguous position being to generalities without clearly condemning punitive action against the Gazans. It is not clear if such Russian posture for not is due to Ukraine’s conflict, to Russian-Israeli tacit agreement over Syrian conflict or the pression of Jewish lobby inside Russia. In response to Chinese statement about Israeli self defense, looking closely to the very nature of the Israeli Palestinian conflict, the principle of self defense enshrined by the humanitarian international law, alleged by the Jewish state following Hamas’s attack does not apply in this case as the Israeli military action in Gaza has only one objective, maintaining the status quo, that is  continuing indefinitely the occupation of lands stealed to Palestinian people and depriving them from having their own state inside recognized borders guaranteed by the international law. The self defense alleged by Israel to transform Gaza into rubbles can be compared with the false flag and the false humanitarian intentions used by the US and its European vassals to wage their bloody wars against the countries in the Middle East and Africa over the past two decades. In reference to Chinese foreign minister judging that ongoing Israeli onslaught against the Gazans is going beyond the self defense, one can say the same thing about the US and its European vassals by having a plot in mind when they engineered Libya’s by using the so called the responsibility to protect by imposing NO FLY ZONE whose declared aim was the protection of civilians in Benghazi purportedly repressed by Libyan regime but its hidden objective was to give free hand to the US and NATO to destroy the north African nation divided since like Yugoslavia into warring tribal entities and to murder its leader Muammar Kaddafi.