Remarks on Biden’s anticommunist impulse during APEC’s summit

During the APEC(Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit in California, US president Biden affirmatively replied a question whether his Chinese Counterpart Xi Jinping present at the summit is a dictator because he is running a country “that is a communist country that is based on a form of government that is totally different from ours” At first glimpse, by hearing these non diplomatic words uttered by the president of a country hosting this summit, the first thing we think about, which can be considered as mitigating circumstances for Potus, his mental sickness, his neuronal senescence and his senility. Now it is notorious worldwide through the numerous images shown by the tv that US president is not able to find the exist or to reply questions, he really lost his head but the American dictatorship represented by the two heads of the Unique party and the American warmonger political establishment that feel comfortable with weak and sick president. However, the remarks of Biden about XI and communist ruling party in China speak not only Biden mind, US political establishment and American intelligentsia true opinions but by the elites in the capitalist countries indoctrinated and brainwashed, being trained during a long years thanks to what can be called anticommunist catechism or according to what Michael Parenti labelled in his seminal book, the anticommunist impulse. Let us take the example of France whose intelligentsia had resorted in the interwar period to Marxism as powerful tool to analyse the true functioning of capitalist society based on class struggles between the owners of means or production and working class. After the WWII, the US according to the Truman Doctrine aimed at fighting communism all over the world has worked actively to convert and to create anti communist European intelligentsia in particular in Italy and in France where there existed both the two most powerful communist parties and communist intellectuals such as Jean Paul Sartre. The so called Cold war which was but an euphemism to designate American anticommunist crusade aimed at the destruction of the communist system in the USSR and the nascent socialist bloc in eastern Europe had unknown side, hidden strategy, the Kulturkamp, the anticommunist ideological crusade brilliantly documented by English Frances Stonor Saunders showing how the CIA anticommunist activities in Europe had bought and paid intellectuals, philosophes, artists, musicians, publishers, former communist mostly former Trotskyists and so on. So Biden’s anticommunist rhetoric against Chinese political and ideological system are not really the result of neuronal senescence of US president ,anticommunism in capitalist countries that is 99% of dominant political system in the globe is not something new as all politicians and intellectuals are suffering from the same sickness than POTUS, a deadly sickness preventing perspicaciously to conduct a serious analyse of our capitalist societies and to see differently than by deforming glasses, the anticommunist impulse