Sputnik’s 10 th anniversary

Happy 10th anniversary Rossiya Segodnya in particular Sputnik website where one can glean precious news and valuable analyses far away from western mainstream media which are but NATO’s mouthpiece, its psy op and intelligence agencies whose main mission is brainwashing the ordinary citizens inside each country, to create and demonize current and potential enemy and disseminating in the age of Nazism and fascism of the 21th century, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, Russophobia, all those nefarious ideologies going back to colonial era used as technique of government based on the principle of divide and rule. Before its banning following US and NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine, Sputnik International was the only reliable source of information in the West related both to Russia and to the entire world. Before the emergence of new competing media outlets to western mainstream media, the world was shaped by one sided opinions propagated by US and European news agencies which were monopolizing both the production and the dispatching of the news. Following the Russian military special operation, the collective West hurried to ban Russian news outlets including Sputnik. One can understand for which reason they have been banned from European public space. Long life Sputnik.