The so called new dawn inaugurated by the BRICS

Since the end of the 15 BRICS’ summit in Johannesburg, renowned and veteran political and geopolitical analysts like Pepe Escobar, among others, or simple commentators are gloating predicting the dawn of new era and the birth of a multipolar world emancipated from western political and economic domination that lasted more than 500 years thanks to the enlargement of this global south organization,the BRICS. But make no mistake and we should not be fooled by BRICS propagandists who try to make believe that from now on, a new pattern in International relationships in general and economic relationships in particular will emerge differently from what it was before BRICS expansion. For one simple reason, the member states of the current BRICS and expanded template from January 1, 2024 are members of the World Trade organization and they are not willing to change its regulations related to International trade. BRICS member states could be able to establish new currency and Bank of development to finance new projects but they should comply with other regulations and recommendations imposed by the WTO. we have as example of Argentina, even being a BRICS member, must abide to International monetary fund(IMF) which imposed to Macri’s government reforms in economic and financial structures. Before the BRICS, alongside the Non Aligned movement, whose member states were trying not to side neither with the USA nor with the USSR, the countries from Third world grouping in what it is called the group of 77 (created in 1963 and still existing today) have created in the framework of the United Nations, the U N C T A D(United Nations for Commerce,trade and Development) an organization aimed at enhancing mutual economic and commercial ties between its members. But the heavy legacy of western colonialism and US imperialism have prevented the economic and political development of the members of group 77. The only critical period for creation of multipolar world was the emergence of the USSR as counterweight to capitalist international order. The only critical moment in modern history to create independent and autonomous economic and political entity not enslaving by capitalist collective west was the COMECON ( Council for Mutual Economic Assistance) created in 1949 grouping the USSR,Albania,East Germany,Poland,Hungary,Bulgaria,Roumania,Tchecoslovaquia, Mongolia, Cuba and Vietnam. The Comecon was dissolved in 1991 after the collapse of the USSR