Macron’s diplomatic gesticulations

The French president Macron who was in Dubai to attend the COP28 where he met with regional leaders on the sidelines, including Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi, to discuss Israel-Hamas war will flight to Doha to meet with Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani the country hosting Hamas leadership. Following Hamas surprise attack on October 7, Macron was among the first European and American leaders to hurry running at full speed to Tel Aviv, meeting with Netanyahu and calling for the creation of International coalition aimed at fighting the Islamic organization. This laughable proposal has no chance of success for two principal reasons: the first reason, except the US and its European vassals, no Arab country in the Middle East could enter anti Hamas coalition, not that the Arab regimes are hostile to Israel, which are in reality US proxies like Europe, but the Arab populations are mostly hostile to Israel viewed as foreign body established in the midst of the Middle East to serve as outpost devoted to protect western interests in this region mainly the oil. The second reason, by proposing international coalition to fight Hamas, Macron was in sight the global coalition formed by the US and its European proxies pretending to fight DAESH and ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The global coalition was set up by Washington in 2015 not to really fight Daesh and ISIS but for geopolitical aims, undermining and containing Russian presence in the Middle East particularly in Syria where located Russian Air base at Kemeimin. On can see that the 2015, the year of creation of the pro western Global coalition was also the year Russia responded to the request made by Assad regime to fight ISIS and Daesh in this country. On can see also that the Russian armed forces eradicated ISIS and Daesh within only two years while the US led Global coalition is pretending 8 years later still fighting these two Islamic organizations( Macron’s trips and proposals are not but mere diplomatic gesticulations since France became a US colony in the aftermath of the WWII and since France abandoned its political and economic sovereignty inside European Union which initially was a Nazi project with Germany in the center according the slogan, Deutschland über Alles. Since October 7, everyone can see with his or her own eyes, France is controlled by a powerful pro Israeli lobby grouping both Jews and Christians.