Why the ICC is not a useful tool for Palestinian mass killing ?

After being fully discredited and accused of Israeli agent and his own responsibility in the war crimes in the Gaza Strip, Mahmoud Abbas is trying what Edward Berney in his seminal book, “Propaganda, how can we manipulate the opinion in democracy” the public communication aimed at deceiving the Palestinian and Arab opinion, by asking Karim Khan, prosecutor in the International Criminal Court(ICC) to probe Israeli war crimes against Palestinians. By doing so, Abbas is hyping knowing very well that there is NO any chance of success to hold accountable the Israeli genocidal regime and its western accomplices suppling it with the most recent weaponry that killed more 14000 Palestinians, wounded 7000 without counting huge number of victims still under the rubbles who are already dead. It is not clear if Abbas still has any reasoning power when he is demanding the punishment of Israeli war crimes knowing that International relations and relationships between states are governed by the force and the violence and what can be called International law and International humanitarian law have been created and imposed by the strongest, that is the US and its European proxies, also self proclaimed International community, aimed at punishing the weak, that is recalcitrant and disobedient regimes refusing to kneel to the western diktat. Giving the current state of jungle that regulates the International relations, as the weak nations and states are at the mercy of hegemonic global power, the unique way to bride the western powers and their proxies like Israel in the middle east is the existence of global counterweight power able to stand up and to support such weak nations and states when they are facing western invasion and aggression. The history of International relations after the WWII can provide a lesson on how the existence of global power like the Soviet Union played key role as counterweight to unbridled US imperialism by helping weak nations and states to resist and to triumph like Eastern Europe states which formed the Socialist bloc, the young Chinese revolution in 1949, the young Cuban revolution in 1959, the young north Korean revolution, the young Vietnamese revolution, the movement of national liberations in Africa and Latin, Egypt’s Nasser and so on. It is worth nothing that the Suez imperialist aggression waging by France, Britain and Israel was thwarted thanks to the support of the Soviet Union threatening to intervene in support of Nasser labelled in the time by western media Hitler like Russian president today after the military special operation. Because of sole man, the history of the world was upset when reactionary forces took the power in the USSR in the person of renegade Gorbachev who destroyed the only counterweight in International relations, giving free hand to the US and its European proxies to unleash their endless wars and their unbridled war of aggression against nations, and undesirable regimes starting after the demise of the USSR with the destruction of the former Socialist Federal republics of Yugoslavia and the war against Serbia during 78 days in 1999. Another example of how the USSR played key as counterweight in International relations, Russian Air base in Kemeimin Syria established during the Soviet era and it is this military base that saved Assad regime rescued in extremis by Russia’s Putin according to military and strategic Accords going back to the Soviet era. Moscow also controls the Tartus naval facility in Syria, its only naval foothold in the Mediterranean, in use since the days of the Soviet Union.